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I have no words… Absolutely no words to describe my facial expression at the end of the video.

I’ve got to break the mold.

I can’t end up like my father.

So excited, my all-time favorite band just released their new album! :D

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She said yes! \(^o^)/ I proposed to the love of my life at Disney World, March 4th.

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I’m literally shaking out of eagerness to travel to Japan again.. Where do I begin?

We’re all adults here, right?..

Let’s stop talking shit over the fact that I’ve been training new-hires at the bank. I’m sick and tired of glancing over at neighboring cubicles and getting nasty looks that make me feel like an ass. I did nothing to you, I’m trying to treat everyone with as much kindness as possible.. And it’s really difficult to do so when I can clearly see you talking trash..

This is what I turned my head and woke up to this morning.

Attempting to pass the time at work..

Celebrate the Magic (Romance Edition) [x]

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